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At Spruce Micro, we pride ourselves on our high success rate and before-and-after photos of satisfied patients.  Our acclaimed specialists have trained with world-renowned masters in this industry and use innovative techniques, ensuring that we deliver the results of your dreams.

ZO Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi

Broussard Location Skincare

In Person and Virtual Memberships anywhere in the US

Certified ZO Skin Health Specialists and Ranked the largest ZO Skin Health account in Louisiana and second largest in the US.

Broussard, Louisiana

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how we create results + getting started with us

Ready to get your skin looking its best?

It is our firm belief that creating skin health is not a one-and-done; much the same as getting your body in shape.  We work through memberships so that we can continuously guide you as your skin changes and provide treatments at an  attainable cost for most. We can treat you anywhere in the US virtually with skincare guidance or in person with microneedling and skincare guidance.  You'll have head-turning results either way with 100% compliance with our suggestions.  Both needling and customized ZO skincare creates skin health from within rather than putting band-aides on your skin like traditional skincare.


Compare getting your skin in shape to getting your body in shape.  Wouldn't it be better to rock 6 pack abs than covering muffin-top with Spanx?  Think of working out the same muscle with two different machines.  ZO and the microneedling are your two machines triggering the same outcome in two different ways. It's much better for your skin cells to be acting like they did when they were younger than putting on traditional skincare band-aides.


We use this proven treatment strategy whether you are an in-spa member or virtual member.

1. Skin Strengthening

2. Skin Correction

3. Skin Maintenance


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