Our membership was designed to make treating and maintaining the results of micro skin rejuvenation affordable.  Membership is NOT required to continue services with us.  However, services are only discounted for first time guests and members.  Memberships are not recommended if you are only doing micropigmentation services such as scalp micropigmentation, scar camouflaging, and lip blushing micropigmentation. 

Schedule Your First Appointment

1. Choose the scheduling tab from the website. 

2. Choose your preferred location.

Search for an appointment.  If you cannot find an appointment available, you can join the wait list online or by calling or texting 337-315-1828 for LA locations or 850-517-8166 for FL location.  (Be sure to leave your contact info when completing wait list request.)

Our books are typically full for micro skin rejuvenation; however, we do get cancellations weekly.  We do everything that we can to get new guests in.  However, after two declined appointment offers, we will remove you from the wait list.

Join Membership at Your Appointment.

If you decide that you would like to continue future services with us at a discounted rate, membership is required to reschedule with priority booking. You do not have to join the membership to receive future services, but we do not offer any discounts outside of the membership after your initial appointment. Non-members can reschedule after all members are scheduled for the month of your rebooking request.

If you join the membership at your first appointment, additional discounts are available at that time.  You can also purchase the membership online before your appointment.

The Details

*Members get priority booking each month.  Before we allow new guests to schedule, members are given notice that membership priority booking is ending 3 days prior to allowing new guests to schedule.  Late appointments + Friday appointments go fast.  First come, first serve.  

*All no shows and late cancelled appointment (48 hour policy) will be charged a $50 fee micro skin rejuvenation + HydraFacial apts + $100 for any micropigmentation apts.  

*After 2 consecutive cancelled appointments, priority booking may no longer be offered.  

* 4% merchant fee is charged for all credit/debit card transactions for any discounted services and/or products.

Treatment Perk Membership

There are no contracts ever.  You can cancel at any time with no questions asked.

There is a one time signup fee of $125 and a monthly fee of $26. 

Member Benefits:

*BBG Micro Skin Rejuvenation $175 (Reg $400)

*HydraFacial $150 (Reg $200)

*BBG Micro Skin Rejuvenation + HydraFacial $250 (Reg $600)

*Human Growth Factor Micro Vial $60 (Reg $100)

*Human Growth Factor Macro Vial $100 (Reg $150)

*Dermaplaning $39 (reg $108)

*15% discount on SkinCeuticals products.

Prices are subject to change with notice depending on any cost increase we experience.  However, we do our very best to keep pricing the same or very close to it so that it remains extremely affordable. We do everything that we possibly can to cut expenses on the operating end rather than increase service pricing when our pricing increases.  Monthly membership rate is locked in indefinitely as long as the membership remains active.  If we are closed for any length of time due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, memberships are still charged each month in order to maintain our contracts for drop shipping that allow us to offer these prices.  Losing our pricing would give you no membership to come back to.  If we are closed for more than a month's time, we will do everything in our power to deliver temporary benefits that are equal to more than the monthly charge.  You can cancel at any time and rejoin with the current signup fee and monthly rate when new memberships are offered.

174 Heritage Parkway  Broussard, LA 70592

 513 Alamo  Lake Charles, LA 70601

90 Spires Lane 9A, (Gulf Place 30A) Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Call/Text  LA 337-315-1828  FL 850-517-8166

    Appointments not confirmed within 48 hours of the appointment are automatically cancelled. Confirmed appointments cannot be changed or cancelled within 48 hours of the appointment time. AN APPOINTMENT IS NOT CONSIDERED CANCELLED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE A CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION VIA TEXT.  Late cancellations for any reason or no shows will be charged $50 to reschedule + the cost of the session or at the next pre-scheduled appointment ($200 for all SMP, Lip Blushing, and Camouflaging appointments.)  (NO EXCEPTIONS)   After two cancellations within a calendar year, all pending appointments will be canceled and will have to be rescheduled or put on waitlist and will be required to pay rebooking fee + cost of session when booking.  All new guest ap Please arrive on time and make sure that electronic consents are signed before arriving for all new guests.  Please arrive without makeup. Please be sure to complete electronic consent before arriving. 
     A 4%  fee is added to all credit/debit charges.

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