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Join the ranks of our satisfied members, and get access to unlimited discounted services and skincare at a price that won't burn your pocketbook!  We provide results-driven treatments and skincare, on-demand webinar sessions with experts, online access where you can chat live or ask privately about anything related to skin health & beauty--and more than this: immediate results!
There's never a contract
Take Control of Your Skin
with a spruce micro
We want you to be happy with your experience at our spa.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we will cancel your membership immediately.  There is no contract nor any wait time for cancellation.  Cancellation is as easy as a text, email, chat message, or phone call. 


Every Month

One Time Signup Fee of $135

(One time signup fee will be billed via invoice after joining.)

  • Online Skincare Membership

  • Skin is accessed through photos and recommendations sent via chat on our mobile app.

  • Unlimited access to chat with one of our ZO experts

  • Customized ZO regimens as needed via chat

  • 15% off ZO skincare

  • New Membership Referral $100 off skincare purchase

  • Available to anyone in the US (RX products are not shipped outside of LA.  RX is not needed to achieve results with our protocols.)


Every Month

One Time Signup Fee of $135

(One time signup fee will be billed via invoice after joining.)

  • In-Spa Membership

  • Service discounts

    • Microneedling Face + Neck $185 (Reg $620)​

    • HydraFacial $185 (Reg $225)

    • Mid Level Exfoliation Add-On $50 (Reg $150)

    • Dermaplaning Add-on $39 (Reg $105)

    • Growth Factor Add-On $100 (Reg $150)

  • 15% of ZO skincare

  • Complimentary customized ZO regimens at scheduled appointments

  • New Membership Referral $100 off skincare purchase

  • Currently only available at our Broussard, LA location

Getting Started After Your Purchase

  • To purchase the membership, click Join Now on the membership of your choice.  If you are unsure if you'd like in-spa treatments, we suggest joining the Virtual Membership first.  You can always upgrade later at any time. 

  • Once you purchase the membership of your choice, you will be charged for your first monthly fee of $15 or $32.  Your next auto charge will be the 1st of the following month.  You will be sent an invoice for the one-time signup fee of $135.  Your membership is not complete until this is paid.  Your signup fee is waived if you made a full priced purchase of $250 or more BEFORE joining.  In order to use a purchase to waive the signup fee, the membership must be purchased the same day as your qualifying purchase.  Note that the free ZO bundle is NOT included when the signup fee is waived. 

  • Once signup is complete, download our mobile app Spruce Micro found in the app store or by clicking the download link on our website.  Follow the directions on the Getting Started tab.  The best skin of you life is coming next!

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  • How will I be treated virtually with a virtual membership?  You will fill out the virtual consult form.  We will then reply with any additional questions that we may have.  We will then explain how ZO Skin Health works to create healthy  skin.  We will devise a customized skin strengthening regimen specifically for you. From there, you will order the products that you choose.  We will ask for updates after a certain time period with photos and how your are doing your regimen. We will then continue to advise you on regimen changes as your skin changes via photos and chat.  We will adjust your regimen as many times as needed at no charge.  After a minimum of one month on your startup regimen, you will contact us via chat with updated photos, concerns, and goals.  We will then let you know what to order to enter the corrective stage or to maintain what you've achieved thus far.  Specific instructions will be sent once you receive your order.  We will hold your hand through correctives and adjust your regimen as needed.  Once your goals are achieved, we adjust your regimen to maintenance and twist it up every 3-6 months to keep your skin on point. 

  • How often can I use the chat option?  The chat option is there for unlimited use every day of the year.  It may take us 3 days to respond, as we receive 100's of messages a day.  If it is ever an emergency, you start your message with the word EMERGENCY.  This is for true skin emergency situations such as a skin reaction that needs immediate attention.  This is rare.   We advise you to ask all of your questions in a single chat instead of one at a time.  Each time we answer, your chat goes to the bottom of our ques. The chat is primarily for the use of virtual assistance through virtual memberships.  Regimen changes for in spa memberships are done at the time of your appointment. 

  • I don't know which membership to choose.  What should I do?  We always recommend choosing Virtual first if you are unsure. We always allow Virtual Members to try microneedling once to see if its for you without having the in-spa membership.  Future in spa treatments will require an upgrade to the in-spa membership.  There is a one-time upgrade fee of $50.  Do not choose in spa if you plan on getting random microneedling treatments.  Random skin treatments are a complete waste of money.  A series of in spa treatments without maintenance is a complete waste of money.  Results MUST be maintained--no matter the treatment. Do not start microneedling if you do not plan on completing a monthly series of at least 6 and then maintaining every other month. You will be disappointed otherwise. 

  • How do I know which membership is best for my skin?  ZO Skin Health is for all skin types.  Microneedling is for all skin types.  Both lead to healthy skin that you will love.  It's all about what works for you. Both work well.  We are 100% confident in delivering life-changing results either or both ways.  When they are combined, the results are increased significantly.  Do not start either if you do not plan on maintaining.  You WILL receive AMAZING results from both when our protocols are followed, but you will lose these results once you stop either.  We don't recommend microneedling if you do not plan on using a consistent MD level skin care regimen at home.  This is like working out and going home to eat chips.  You won't get your max results. 

  • How long will it take me to get an in-spa appointment?  Our schedule STAYS full.  When you join, we recommend starting the process on the app asap and sending in an apt request.  We will do our very best to get you in within 1 month.  We cannot guarantee that this spot will be ideal for you.  We will do our very best.  Being very specific about your apt times will delay your first appointment.  However, once you get started and you keep your scheduled appointments, you will be pre-booked monthly according to your preferred times/dates.  We will book you for a few months in advance.  Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment will cancel all future pre-booked appointments.  These will have to be rescheduled.  Popular time slots may be harder to find.  If you are looking for a place with a lot of availability, we suggest finding a med spa or clinic with less patients and demand who have open books.  We cannot hold appointments "in case a member might want to schedule one day."  This would mean that we could only have one patient.  We have over 800 spa members at our Broussard location. Pre-booking and keeping your appointments are heavily advised. 

  • Are after 5:00 appointments available?  After 5:00 appointments are available, but fill very quickly.  It may not be possible to get scheduled for the first time or to reschedule within one month for an after 5:00 appointment.  Friday afternoon appointments have the same demand.

  • Are Saturday appointments available?  We are open one Saturday per month.  Currently we are fully booked for Saturday appointments for months.  This may change in the future, but do not join if Saturday if your only option.

  • If I have a spa membership, can I receive Virtual assistance?  Virtual assistance is very limited for in-spa members.  This is only for true emergencies and if we ask you to update us virtually between appointments.  Skin care regimens will not be changed or created virtually for in-spa members.  Skincare regimens for in-spa members are created during your regularly scheduled microneedling or HydraFacial appointment.  Should an in-spa member want to change, adjust, or begin a skincare regimen between appointments, a $185 consult fee is charged.  This does not apply when we request virtual updates between scheduled appointments. 

  • How does our referral program work?  We work primarily by referrals.  Should you refer anyone to our membership, you will receive $100 regularly priced product credit.  The referred person must give us your name at their first appointment.  You can receive referral credit indirectly as well.  If someone tells us that they came to us because of a Facebook or Google review left by you or a comment made on social media, we will give the credit to you. We appreciate this more than you know.  We are happy to gift you! 

  • What's the cost of our services?  Microneedling is currently $185/session for face and neck.  The price is set to increase to $195 Feb. 1, 2023.  HydraFacial is $165.  The price is set to change to $175 on Feb. 1, 2023. Dermaplaning can be added at the time of any appointment for +39.  Each appointment requires a $55.50 deposit.  This will be applied to your appointment balance.  To schedule or keep your following appointment, another $55.50 deposit will be collected at the time of your appointment.  This is a cash only discounted price.  Non-cash price is +$15.  Currently we are not offering combo appointments due to lack of availability. 

  • How does our cancellation policy work?  Our cancellation policy is very strict.  Our books must stay full in order to maintain our over 70% off microneedling pricing.  Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled if a min 48 hour business day notice is given.  If less than a 48 hour business day notice is given, the deposit is forfeited.  Another deposit will be required to reschedule.  Same day cancellations will be charged for the entire appointment balance.  No exceptions. 

  • What's the average cost of ZO?  The average cost of the core regimen is roughly $100/month after membership discount.  The average of cost of corrective and/or advanced regimens is $200-$250 per month after membership discount.  Buy Now, Pay Later options are always available for products. 

  • How does Buy Now, Pay Later work?  Buy Now, Pay Later is an option available on our online store for products only.  This is an option at checkout in which 4 monthly interest-free payments are applied through the credit card processor.  We are not directly affiliated.

  • Do we accept non-members for treatments or consults?  We currently do not.  Both in-spa treatments and ZO require a commitment to achieve and maintain results.  One treatment is a waste of time and money.  One skincare regimen not adjusted regularly is not the most beneficial and will not create the results we post.  Memberships allow us to offer attainable skin health for almost all budgets and show commitment on both of our parts.  We are just as serious about your results and will work just as hard as you do to achieve them.

  • Am I locked into a membership?  You are not.  You can cancel at any time for any reason.  We ask that you cancel in writing by email at   All that you have to say is that you'd like to cancel.  Your cancellation will be confirmed with a response.  There will be no hassle nor questions asked. 

  • Can memberships be shared?  Memberships cannot be shared.  We will not give skincare advice to any member for a friend or family member.  The same goes for treatments. 

  • How long before I can expect to see results?  Changes in skin are typically reported within 1-2 weeks.  However, true results typically start at one month and continue to improve as treatment and/or skincare continue. 

  • Where can I be treated virtually? We can treat anyone virtually anywhere in the US. We ship anywhere in the US. 

Prices are subject to change with notice depending on any cost increase we experience.  However, we do our very best to keep pricing the same or very close to it so that it remains extremely affordable. We do everything that we possibly can to cut expenses on the operating end rather than increase service pricing when our pricing increases.  Monthly membership rate is locked in indefinitely as long as the membership remains active.  If we are closed for any length of time due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, memberships are still charged each month in order to maintain our contracts that allow us to offer these prices.  Losing our pricing would give you no membership to come back to.  If we are closed for more than a month's time, we will do everything in our power to deliver temporary benefits that are equal to more than the monthly charge.  You can cancel at any time and rejoin with the current signup fee and monthly rate when new memberships are offered.

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