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So Many Options..What to Choose

ZO Skin Care is an MD skincare line that works like no other and a line gives results like no other.  The mastermind behind the line is the none other than Dr. Zein Obagi, the GOAT in creating and maintaining skin health.  Purchasing ZO is not as simple as picking out a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.  ZO is very regimented and works on a cellular level, making your cells function as they did when younger.  ZO does not use band aides like moisturizers that send off false messages to the dermis making your skin cells stagnant and lazy.  ZO works when done correctly.  We are 100% confident.  We are equally confident that the ZO Skin Health journey should be guided by an Authorized and Properly Trained ZO Skin Health Expert.  We are here for that! 

If you choose to embark on your skin health journey on your own or want to make a qualifying purchase to have your membership signup fee waived, follow the buying guide below.  You can also send a copy of your receipt to our chat on the app.  We will send detailed instructions on how to use the products that you purchased.  We will not customize them specifically for you without a membership.

Notate: Anticipated Reactions are NORMAL when the skin is going through change.  If the reaction doesn't occur, then change isn't occurring.  Anticipated reactions are TEMPORARY.  It's super helpful to have a ZO Skin Health Expert guide you through these short lived reactions.  The end result is the best skin of your life.  You're guaranteed to be addicted to staring at your skin in the mirror when our recommendations are followed!


The Core

Every single patient will always a forever need the following. These can NEVER be skipped-like ever. Skipping these steps will NOT lead to the best ZO has to offer. It is extremely important never to run out of these products--not even a day!


  1. Cleanser AM + PM

  2. Exfoliation Polish or Dual Action Scrub or both AM

  3. Complexion Renewal Pads or Oil Control Pads or both (The most sensitive skin types can substitute for Calming Toner. Very few patients actually need Calming Toner.) AM + PM  Use pads front and back until dry-2/day.

  4. Daily Power (2-4 Pumps massaged in well) AM + PM

  5. ZO SPF of your choice

Baby Steps and/or a Boost

Can be used with or without retinonls.  Can be both used , alternated, or one or the other.  No peeling. 


  1. Enzymatic Peel (milder)

  2. Exfoliation Accelerator (stronger)

enzymatic peel 2.jpg
retinol skin brightener and bright.jpg

Brightening and Discoloration

Anyone who has any type of discoloration can benefit from the following. As a matter of fact, we're confident that at some point we'll throw each of these in the mix-maybe together-maybe separated for different times of the year.

  1. Brightalive

  2. Retinol Skin Brightener .25%

  3. Retinol Skin Brightener 1%

  4. Enzymatic Peel

  5. Exfoliation Accelerator

  6. Illuminating AOX

  7. Radical Night Repair

  8. Wrinkle and Texture

  9. Rozatrol (redness only)

  10. 10% Self Activating Vitamin C (no acne prone)


Redness and Rosacea

  1. Rozatrol

  2. Oil Control Pads (if skin appears oily), Complexion Renewal Pads, or Calming Toner

  3. Dual Action Scrub (if breakouts are an issue)

  4. Firming Serum

  5. Growth Factor Serum (no acne prone)

  6. Enzymatic Peel

  7. Exfoliation Accelerator

  8. Illuminating AOX

rozatrol 2.jpg
complex clearing masque.jpg


  1. Acne Control

  2. Dual Action Scrub

  3. Oil Control Pads

  4. Complexion Renewal Pads

  5. Enzymatic Peel

  6. Exfoliation Accelerator

  7. Wrinkle and Texture

  8. Complexion Clearing Masque

  9. Pore Refiner

body emulsion w retinol.jpg


Just about all products can be used on the body.  These two are specifically targeted for the body.  We can also customize a light retinol blend to accelerate the results. 

  1. Body Emulsion

  2. Cellulite Control


Sun Protection

All ZO Sun Protection products have antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and functional hydrators.  All have triple protection protecting against UVA, UVB, and HEV lights.

1. Smart Tone

  • Chemical SPF 50

  • Smart technology that identifies + blends with natural skin tones

  • Stable Vitamin C works deeper in skin to protect against pigment 

2. Daily Sheer

  • Physical, Waterproof SPF 50

  • Non-greasy, hydrating, and sheer in appearance

3. Sunscreen + Primer

  • Physical SPF 30

  • Hydrates + doubles as makeup primer for a smooth, matte finish, diminishing skin imperfections

We do not carry Sunscreen + Powder.  We only carry what we love!

zo sunscreen.jpg
zo backgound.jpg

A Few Things to note

Anything listed under each of the categories will benefit the skin types described. We protocol these in different orders and change them often throughout the year as the skin and seasons change. But ALL of them can be used as categorized.


Order processing can will take 3 full business days.  Special promotions can take up to ten to process and send tracking. While this is unlikely, it is possible for our larger promotions.  This will be notated on our social media pages when longer processing can be expected.  We have a full schedule of patients always. Even though we do our best to process orders the day they are received, it sometimes will take a few days. For in-store pickups (Broussard location only), please text 337-315-1828 before picking up to ensure that your order is ready. Pickup is 10-12 and 1-5 Monday-Friday with the exception of our scheduled holidays.


RX products will not be on the site. If you are on any RX products, you will have to message us in the chat to order. We will invoice our current qualifying Louisiana patients for these items.  RX is NOT needed to get results with our protocols.


We are the largest ZO provider account in the state of Louisiana and within the top 1% in the US. We keep a very large inventory, and ship in a timely manner. once we ship, you will receive tracking and a photo of the contents of your package via text message to ensure accuracy.

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