Post Procedure Products

Post Procedure Micro Skin Rejuvenation

1. Use treatment mask available at the spa the day of your treatment and a second one the following day to decrease redness and downtime. Also helps to alleviate the "sun burnt" feeling. This mask is NOT like any other mask. Do not attempt to use any other type of mask. We can almost 100% guarantee that it will cause more inflammation and burning of the skin.

2. Phyto + 2x a day for 7 days helps with temporary redness from the treatment. Can be used on a regular basis for those who experience redness or discoloration normally.

3. Epidermal Repair available at the spa 2x a day for 7 days promotes healthy healing of the barrier function of the skin. Replaces your moisturizer 7 days post treatment. Save for future treatments. Tube will last for at least 5-6 treatments.

Post HydraFacial

1. Use treatment mask available at the spa the night of your treatment before bed to help with transepidermal water loss.

Post Lip Blushing

1. Lip Lock Balm is available at the spa to use 7-14 days post procedure to help lock pigment in the lips.

Post Stretch Mark and Scar Camouflaging

1. We highly recommend using Epidermal Repair on the scar or stretch marks for the first 7-14 days post treatment for healthy barrier healing.

2. We highly recommend using CE Ferulic and Retinol on treatment site after 7 days post treatment as a part of your daily regimen each morning or night.

The above treatment recommendations are my personal recommendations. Individuals may vary. Be mindful of purchasing professional skincare from authorized dealers only both in store and online. There's tons of counterfeit products out there, and the bottle never tells unless you really know what you're looking for,

Dawn Cutrone

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