How to Use Glycolic and Retinol

Retinol and Glycolic 10- Start off gradually. Both of these products promote cellular turnover. Start off using retinol 1x week and Glycolic 10 1x week. Retinol can be mixed with Age Interrupter or night cream to help spread on the face . Glycolic 10 should be used before Age Interrupter or night cream. After 2 weeks, increase Retinol to 2x a week and Glycolic 10 to 2x week. If you tolerate this well, 2 weeks later increase each to 3x week. You can increase again and alternate pattern for what works best for your skin. Most people can only tolerate is well 2-3x a week without drying out too much. You can adjust this routine as it fits your needs. The main thing is to start off slowly and stay consistent. It will change your skin for the better with consistent use. Be careful with sun exposure. It does cause sun sensitivity.)

The above treatment recommendations are my personal recommendations. Individuals may vary. Be mindful of purchasing professional skincare from authorized dealers only both in store and online. There's tons of counterfeit products out there, and the bottle never tells unless you really know what you're looking for,

Dawn Cutrone

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