Adding Services to My Micro Skin Rejuvenation

June 12, 2019


You WILL get results from micro skin rejuvenation alone.   Period.  Each and every time.  With over 10,000 microneedling treatments under my belt, I have yet to see this not happen to some degree.  Results vary per individual and per circumstances, as always.  The question is always, "Should I be adding to my treatments?"  Below is a brief description of what each add-on does to enhance your micro skin rejuvenation session.


Dermaplaning:  Dermaplaning is a medical procedure that uses a sterile surgical blade to exfoliate the skin.  The perk is the hair removal.  This is NOT a hair removal service. (And no, your hair will NOT grow back thicker or darker.)  The hair on your face makes no difference in your treatment results.  It's the exfoliation that adds value to your treatment.  Removing that extra layer of skin pre-treatment gives you a more effective treatment.  You do NOT have to let us know that you want to add this is advance.  You can let us know when you arrive   We do NOT offer this service in isolation. 


Chemical Exfoliation:  Chemical exfoliation is recommended for different reasons.  If we feel that you need to add chemical exfoliation, we will advice it.  Chemical exfoliation will promote more post-treatment exfoliation. 


HydraFacial - HydraFacial MD is a device with patented vortex technology that simultaneously extracts unwanted oils and debris from your pores while infusing deep cleansing, antibacterial AHA's and BHA's, antioxidants, peptides, skin brightening, and calming solutions.  Do not be confused about devices that are NOT an actual HydraFacial.  Be sure that your provider is actually on HydraFacial's official map.  We are registered on the map for Broussard, even though we have HydraFacials at both locations.  HydraFacial is amazing, and your face will be squeaky clean.    However, we discourage clients who call only seeking a HydraFacial.  You are totally wasting your money if you think that a HydraFacial, or any treatment for that matter, will solve an issue after one treatment.  Just like the shine on your car goes away after getting your car detailed when the first rain or dirt storm happens.   HydraFacial is known as the Red Carpet treatment because celebrities receive HydraFacials before Red Carpet events because of the healthy, radiant glow it produces for the next week or so.  However, your pores will not stay squeaky clean and filled with all of the good stuff it infuses creating that glow. It is amazing.  Even Facebook has them in their headquarters.   BUT....we purchased our HydraFacials as an addition to microneedling or microchanneling.  Here are some different ways to combine HydraFacial with your treatments. 


Adding HydraFacial to your micro skin rejuvenation session:  This will create a clean canvas for your treatment and infuse healing agents helping your skin to heal faster.  You do need to let us know in advance that you want to add this to your treatment. 


HydraFacial 1-2 weeks post microneedling or microchanneling:  This will help exfoliate what hasn't naturally exfoliated after your treatment and clean up any impurities that may have surfaced post-treatment.  Your skin will already be on point 1-2 weeks post treatment.  This brings it to the next level by giving it a deep cleanse, deep hydration, and a super healthy glow.


HydraFacial between maintenance treatments:  After your series of a treatments, some people prefer to do HydraFacials between treatments.  I do not recommend this unless you are on maintenance.  We recommend needling or channeling at least 1x every 3 months after your series is completed.  Some people continue monthly.  Some people go to every other month, while others go to every 3 months.  It's great to stay with some sort of clinical treatment between those maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks.


HydraFacial in isolation:  I never recommend this unless you have a special event that you are attending.  If you choose to only do HydraFacials with no needling or channeling, you must do them at least monthly to really gain any real lasting results from it. 


Human Growth Factor:  I cannot say enough about adding a vial of human growth factor to your micro skin rejuvenation treatment.  This tricks your skin into thinking it's in it's 20's again promoting more collagen production.  So, we are creating a controlled wound to the epidermis with the micro skin rejuvenation treatment which forces your body to heal itself producing collagen, AND we are giving you stem cell therapy in which more collagen will be produced.


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