Growth Factor Fuss

What is all of this fuss about growth factors, and why do you want them? If you want your skin to look younger from within, you have to replace from within to trick the skin into thinking it's younger. Stem cells play a major roll in aging.

The Basics:

1. Adding Growth Factor to your treatment leads to more collagen production.

2. The skin is forced into repair mode with treatment, which leads to collagen production. When we add human growth factor stem cells during the treatment, it tricks the skin into thinking it's younger; thus leading to collagen production.

3. Adding the growth factor also leads to faster healing.

4. You will receive results with or without adding HGF. We do see a difference between those using it and those not, but we see results in every case with every treatment. It's just typically faster and a better with the HGF.

5. There are some cases where we recommend adding this more than others.

6. You do not have to let us know in advance that you want to add this to your treatment.

The Boring Details.:

Life is started with an abundance of mesenchymal stem cells. With incredible healing abilities, this is how dramatic and lifesaving invasive surgeries that are performed in the womb show little or no scarring. Discoveries in stem cell science reveal wound healing abilities. As we age, the number of mesenchymal stem cells that we have plummets dramatically (as shown in the graphic above.) At the age of 60, you can conclude that you only have 1/100th of the mesenchymal stem cells available compared to at birth. This helps explain the skin's response to events like surgery. When it comes to ageing (Photoaging from sun radiation takes the charts.), most of it is from accumulated damage over the years. Every single day, our skin cells are being damaged from the environment, chemicals, makeup, smoking, our diets, gravity....all of these things.

So how does this stem cell thing I speak of work? Without boring you to tears with a book scientific terminology, the teacher in me attempted to simply it in an outline. Here's the basics.

I. Stem Cytokines

A. Body's first responders and a medium for communication among cells

B. At least 500 different stem cell derived cytokines--some inflammatory, some anti-


C. Some are growth factors. Some of growth inhibitors (have a role in cancer prevention)

D. Mesenchymal stem cells use cytokines to communicate with one another, and with

other cells, like skin fibroblasts.

E. Perform most of their magic by orchestrating other cells in the damaged tissue to

repair the damage.

F. Control inflammation and can turn it off and on.

G. Act as traffic cops at the site of injury attracting other cells to migrate there, and

activate them to begin their work.

H. Scientists group them together functionally in a lab to produce the outcome desired.

II. Relation to Aging Skin

A. Discovery of taking mesenchymal stem cells from healthy young humans and grow in

laboratory under special conditions that mimic their natural environment

1. Scientists talk to them and convince them to secrete in abundance. They are

harvested to create a powerful class of active ingredients for skin rejuvenation

III. Stem Cytokine Farming

A. Farm of stem cells by the millions in vessels of nutrient broth

B. Mesenchymal stem cells multiply and spread out jumping from one sphere to

another if theirs get overcrowded, colonizing into spheres.

C. Every few days new stem cytokines are harvested which they have exported between

cells as they signal to one another in keeping with their healing agenda

D. Cytokines separated and isolated, cold filtered, purified, and preserved.

E. The right cytokines are needed at the right time for healing skin.

1. Cytokine “code” is altered to optimize the pattern of individual chemicals for

different phases, stages, and types of healing.

IV. Stem Cytokines as Skin Rejuvenation

A. Specific cocktails of stem cytokines are harvested and put on skin that has been


B. Wounds healing is accelerated in the presence of these specific cytokines.

C. Mop up cells arrive to clean the damage (macrophages)

D. Basal cell stimulation (outermost layer of epidermis)

E. Fibroblasts migrate the area (cells that secrete collagen and elastin)

F. Matrix restored to healthy state (nutrient rich fluid between cells)

G. Collagen fibers are manufactured in matrix.

H. Appearance of new skin cells growing from deep layers upward

This all was probably a little too scientific for some of us who just say I want the stuff that works and trust that I've done my homework (and believe me....I've done my homework. My rep probably cringes every time my number pops up.) But there are the inquisitive ones out there like myself who want the details, so here they are in the most non-boring, simplest form I could put it in.

The serum we use is the most potent on the market, as it contains over 14 different variations. Others on the market offer a maximum of 8-9 different variations. Cultured neonatal (foreskin) growth factors found in popular serums contain a high percentage of fibroblast culture. While this is a powerful option, bone marrow stem cells produce up to 50 times more bio-signals than those fibroblasts.

Ingredients: Stem Cytokines, Hyaluronic Acid, Recombinant TGF-B3 These are all physiologic naturally occurring ingredients, normally found in the skin.

(Information listed above about the bone marrow growth factor is taken from the product information sheet of the serum we use in our microchanneling and microneedling add-on.)

Dawn Cutrone

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