Spa Membership...What's in it for Me?

June 2, 2019



 Spa Membership...What's in it for Me?


The membership at Spruce was created to make skin care correction treatments and maintenance affordable.  It's 100% our belief that everything in the aesthetic industry requires a series of treatments to correct and then a regular maintenance schedule to keep the results and prevent more from happening. 


Both joining and canceling is super easy.  You can join during your initial appointment.   If you'd like to wait until your next visit to decide, that's ok, too.  Membership is required before scheduling additional appointments at a discounted rate. It's totally up to you.  There is no contract.  Your membership cancellation is effective the day you cancel.  Rejoining will require the current sign up fee, rate, and benefits.  As long as your membership remains in effect, your monthly fee does not increase; but any new benefits added become part of your membership as well. 


You do not have to join the membership to be a client; however, the only time that a service is discounted for nonmembers is the initial appointment.


Being a member doesn't guarantee appointment slots.  It is HIGHLY encouraged to book out in advance when notified.  While things happen and times need to be changed, we do our best to accommodate.


Here's the low down on the membership.  Please keep in mind that our pricing is way below average.  We are able to do this by cutting some operating costs.  This includes cutting credit card processing fees.  THE ONLY TIME THAT A CREDIT CARD IS USED FOR MEMBERSHIPS IS FOR THE MONTHLY AUTO DRAFT.  ABSOLUTELY AT NO TIME WILL CREDIT CARDS BE ACCEPTED FOR DISCOUNTED SERVICES OR PRODUCTS.  We ask that you please respect this policy.  We accept cash or checks for all member services and discounted products.


One Time Signup Fee



​Monthly Auto Draft (Cancel Any Time)



Member Benefits

*Member Pricing

*Exclusive Member Sales

*15% off Skincare Purchases

*$50 Service Credit Per Microneedling, Lip Blushing, or Scar Camoflauging Referral

*$100 Service Credit Per Scalp Micropigmentation Referral (Limited Time Offer)


*All credit/debit transactions are subject to 4% card fee with the exception of the monthly membership draw.



*Cancellation policy is strictly enforced.  Appointments not confirmed within 48 hours of appointment are automatically cancelled and filled with waitlisted appointments.  Appointments cancelled or no shows within 48 hours of the appointment will be charged $50 to reschedule and all pending appointments will be cancelled.  After two consecutive cancellations, all pending appointments will be cancelled.




Current Member Service Pricing:


MIcroneedling $165 (Reg $400)


Microchanneling $225 (Reg $450)


HydraFacial MD $150 (Reg $200)


Microneedling + HydraFacial MD $290  (Reg $600)


Microchanneling + HydraFacial MD $350 ( Reg $650)


Dermaplaning add on $39( Reg $98)


Chemical Exfoliation add on $39( Reg $166)


Human Growth Factor add on $100 (Reg $50)


Lip Blushing $350 (Reg $500)





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