Pre and Post Care for Micro Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Before Your Micro Skin Rejuvenation Appointment:

*No Botox or fillers within 14 days prior to appointment.

*No Retinols within 7 days prior to appointment unless otherwise directed.

*No chemical peels within 14 days prior appointment unless otherwise directed.

*No laser treatments within 6 weeks of appointment.

*No sun exposure 24 hours before treatment.

*Avoid blood thinning medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen and St. John’s wort to reduce bruising.

*No prescription blood thinning medication or Accutane within 6 months of your appointment.

*Arrive at appointment with no make-up on.

*Please notify us of any skin infections, fever blisters, and all skin care you are using before each session.

*Avoid anti-inflammatory medications.

Post Micro Skin Rejuvenation:

*Post care treatment mask is recommended for optimal comfort and healing. You may use this immediately post needling and again the following day if you prefer. This mask is clinically tested post procedure on compromised skin. It is impregnated with fibers that distribute heat reducing water to the skin barrier; creates continuous cooling and soothing; reduces heat sensation; and creates a protective barrier that acts as a second skin that helps alleviate discomfort while allowing breathability and providing hydration from transepidermal water loss from opened channels. Cost $25

*Post care epidermal repair cream and phyto corrective gel are recommended for day 1-7 post treatment 2x a day. Both help restore the barrier function of the epidermis, relieve redness and sensitivity, alleviate dryness and the tight feeling, and aid in overall healthy healing; which is important in achieving good results. Epidermal Repair Cream is $74 (Member $62.90) Phyto + $87 (Member $73.95)

*Expect skin to feel sunburned and hot for up to 3 days; but typically this is only prominent the 1st day. The SkinCeuticals mask helps to minimize this. Skin will feel tight. Red markings are to be expected. Most of them usually are gone by day 3, but depending on your skin and the intensity of the treatment; marks can take up to 7-9 days to go away completely.

*Sometimes itching can occur. Cortizone cream or something similiar can be used to alleviate discomfort.

*Use gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil or Dove soap or something similiar day 1-2, and continue until the skin no longer burns with your normal cleanser.

*It is recommended to avoid anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, and Advil pre and post treatment. These interfere with the natural inflammatory process that is critical and responsible for skin rejuvenation.

*Day 4-5, the skin typically feels very dry. You will be tempted to exfoliate. DO NOT!!!! You can use moisturizer and skincare as soon as day 2. Test a small area of your skin before using any skin care products. If the skin burns, listen to your skin; and wait another day. If you feel like you need moisture, you can also use Aquaphor, which can be purchased at a drug store.

*By day 6-7, skin is usually healed and returning back to normal. Sometimes it may take a little longer. Typically, the more you needle, the faster the healing process. Clients who do HydraFacial with needling and/or HGF fusion with or without Chrono-Peptide or Protec Boosters tend to heal much faster. This varies between clients.

*No matter what, sunscreen should be worn every single day. If the skin is still sensitive, avoid spf mixed with moisturizer. We recommend SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion.

*Do not pick. Do not peel. Do not exfoliate for 7 days. Do not use a Clarisonic or any type of exfoliating brushes or tools for 7 days. Do not use retinols for 7 days. Do not rub treated areas with a wash cloth or anything.

*No swimming for 72 hours.

*No vigorous exercise for 72 hours.

*Avoid direct sun exposure after treatment for at least 3 days. No tanning beds!

*Makeup can be worn 24 hour post treatment.

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