Microneedling, Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy, or HydraFacial? What's Best for Me?

January 29, 2019


Microneedling, Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy, or HydraFacial? What Do I Need?





 The first thing that I'm going to tell you is DO NOT START TREATMENTS IF YOU DO NOT PLAN ON DOING A SERIES AND THEN MAINTAINING.  Of course, try it first to see if you like it.  But don't even think about starting it without the intention of continuing.  It doesn't matter what type of skin service you are getting..even plastic surgery.  There is NO one and done...and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM REQUIRES MAINTENANCE.  We are continuously aging; our atmosphere is continuously affecting our skin; and the foods we inject are continuously affecting our skin. Period.  Bluntly stating the facts,  if you plan on one treatment, save yourself some money. 


There's always confusion between which treatment to get first or which ones to get and what to expect from each.  I'm going to give the Cliff notes here.  (And if you know what Cliff notes are, it's time to microneedle! HA)




Microneedling and Micrchanneling Stem Cell Therapy  encourage your skin to create new collagen and elastin, helping your skin look plump, smooth, supple, and healthy.  These treatments treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, skin tone and texture, loss of volume, loose sagging skin, under eye discoloration and bags, large pores, hair loss, and the list goes on.



1.Rejuvenates by creating a controlled wound on the top layer of your skin, which triggers collagen and elastin production.

2.Unlike lasers and other treatments, no scar tissue is formed. 

3. There is also no heat with traditional microneedling; therefore, pigmentation risks don’t exist from the procedure.

4. Microneedling heals and changes the skin from inside out

5. OUR MICRONEEDLING DOES NOT HURT.  Our numbing works.  Our devices are precise and powerful not creating any skin scratching or tearing.  This means less downtime and less discomfort.

6. Do not expect major peeling post treatment with our microneedling.  Expect mild redness for 2 days, dryness with some flaking for the next few days.  By day 7, the skin is typically healed.  See our pre and post instructions for post care products that aid in faster healing.


Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy

1. The same outcome as Microneedling; however, the process is totally different. 

2.Microchanneling uses a tip with a array of filaments to puncture tiny holes to allow 14 different human growth factors from bone marrow to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin.

3.No bleeding occurs.  No downtime.  Leave with healthy looking glowing skin.

4. Skincare products can be used 90 minutes later as well.  While the post-treatment mask isn't needed for comfort, it is recommended to avoid transepidermal water-loss caused from opening the channels. 

5. This treatment is often used during maintenance rather than during the initial series of treatments.





1. Has vortex technology that simultaneously sucks impurities out of your skin while pushing in nutrients and skin treatments at the same time.

2. Unbelievable deep cleansing of  the pores without ever hurting. Looking at the waste jar examining the foreign objects that has been sucked out of your pores is a weird gratification that all of us have whether you want to admit it or not.

3. It will NOT realign and rebuild collagen and elastin like microneedling and microchanneling stem cell therapy do.

4. Great maintenance and prevention.

5. So, what I’m saying is do your treatment series to correct and THEN do HydraFacial in between to maintain and prevent.

6. HydraFacial and Microneedling or Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy can be combined for a super treatment. The HydraFacial is used to prep the skin before needling and the nutrients are fused into the microchannels created by needling. This helps the healing process because the nutrients are delivered down to the dermal-epidermal level.






Quick Q + A 


1.When will I start to see results?

Theoretically, results from microneedling or microchanneling stem cell therapy begin at 1 month and continue up to 4 months. However, almost every person that I treat sees results much before month 1. 


2.How many treatments will I need?

I typically recommend 6-8  treatments to a series every 4-6 weeks.  However, you can do as many as you like as far away as you’d like as close as 2 weeks apart. Doing these treatments in a series creates a better result in my experience.


3.How do I maintain my microneedling or microchanneling stem cell therapy results?

I prefer for my clients to microneedling or microchanneling stem cell therapy at least 1x every 3 months. The reason for this is because 1 treatment can boost collagen and elastin production for up to 4 months and takes 1 month to work. Doing another treatment at month 3 will allow the new treatment to pick up where the other left off. I am a big believer of doing an aesthetic treatment 1x month. A good time to incorporate HydraFacial is between these maintenance treatments.


4. How are the needles cleaned for each client?

A new, sealed, sterile needle cartridge is used for each client. Needles are not reused….EVER!


5. Can I microneedle or microchannel while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

  Consult with your physician to ok the use of topical lidocaine for numbing.   Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy can be done without numbing.  It is very minimal discomfort with no numbing. 


6. Does microneedling and microchanneling hurt?

Most of my clients do not feel it. In fact, a lot of them claim it to be relaxing. The bony areas of the face are typically a little more sensitive than others; however, I’ve never had anyone not return due to pain levels. There is zero pain associated with microchanneling stem cell therapy with numbing.  If no numbing is used (which would be your preference), mild discomfort in some areas may be felt. 


7. What is the downtime? Refer to the pre and post treatment instructions or blog for details. But long explanation short, downtime is usually minimal. For Microneedling, makeup can be worn day 2. The post treatment mask day 1 and day 2 usually helps with healing time.  For Microchanneling Stem Cell Therapy, makeup can be worn 90 minutes post treatment, and you can resume normal skincare at the same time.  There is no downtime at all associated with microchanneling. 


8.  How long have I offered this treatment, and why are my treatments different from others? I’ve been needling for 7 years. My techniques are quite different than all that I’ve seen and developed through my experience, along with the blends used in my treatments. I perform 100’s microneedling treatments per month and have over 10,000 treatments under my belt.


9.  Why is our price point so much lower than others? My skin care experience originates from a laser treatment that caused my skin to permanently pigment beyond recognition. In 3 years and thousands of dollars I spent trying to correct it, I learned that no matter what you do in the aesthetic industry, correction requires a series and then maintenance. I don’t care who you are or what you do (unless you are a celebrity), this is hard to afford for long and even harder to justify. It’s always been my mission to find treatments that work and make them affordable so that my clients aren’t getting a fix that won’t last…because a new designer bag or a great pair of shoes lasts way longer. We cut the unnecessary costs in the business to keep our price points at an affordable level for our members. 





Dawn Cutrone





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