Layering Skinceuticals Serums..How To

How to Layer Serums

Photo and Video Credit: SkinCeuticals

Serums...the all mighty of skincare. Use them. Don't skip them. And when you use them, use them correctly!

There's just one simple rule with skincare...thinner to thicker. As long as your serums are the same consistency, it doesn't matter which you do first; as long as one is dry before applying the other.

If you are using SkinCeuticals serums, all of them are the same consistency except for HA Intensifier. Therefore, use all of your thinner serums first, then apply your HA Intensifier as your last serum.

Apply serums from dropper to face. Not dropper to hand to face. You are wasting product that way.

Once your serums are applied, you can move on to your thicker, cream based products.

Dawn Cutrone

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