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Hydrinity Zoom with Dawn and Special Guests! 

Struggling to get a constant skincare protocol that actually works?

I'll help you achieve the skin beyond your wildest dreams.

XO Dawn

We cannot wait to see you on our Hydrinity Zoom.  

Dawn will be hosting a Zoom on 5/23 at 7:30 PM for anyone that wants to attend.  

The Topic: How to Incorporate Hydrinity Products in Your Regimen and Why!

Special Expert Guests:
Keith O'Briant, CEO and Founder of Hydrinty
Zoë Arscott, owner of EMed Spa in Jamaica! 

Cost: $90
Each attendee will receive a promotional code to receive a FREE Product! ($120 Value)

Of course, we'll have giveaways and specials promotions for attendees! This will be life changing for you and your skin!



So, why Spruce Micro?

Let's face it—we've all been told the same story. Here's one little bottle that will fix all of your problems. 

Most of us are tired of over-promised and underdelivered treatments.

Lasers and quick treatments don’t work. 

It will come back.

I know how to get rid of it and keep it gone.

Dawn's before & after

I'm here to be straight-forward about what it's going to take to treat your skin, whether it's pigment, rosacea, acne, texture, or general anti-aging.


I'm brutally honest and strict about following suggested protocols. But I know what works.  

Dawn's Story

I understand the struggle of facing skin discoloration and the frustration of constant dead ends. 


As my own first patient after years of false promises from numerous clinics, I've mastered the techniques to address Melasma and hyperpigmentation.  

Dawn's before & after
Dawn, founder of Spruce Micro

I'll never oversell you or mislead you. My team and I are results-focused, not profit-focused.


With compliance, I 100% guarantee results beyond your expectations!


My team will guide you to fall in love with your skin again! I promise!

Solutions for All Skin Types

We treat members all over the US through customized guided skin health skincare regimens. 

We guarantee results with compliance every single time. No contracts, ever

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