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ZO Bundle 2/26

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Price: $440

Value: $757.50

Savings: $317.50

Over 40% off

Includes all of the ZO core plus some of Spruce’s favs. It’s going to go on sale 2/26   It’s on sale until we sell out.  Limited supply   

A link will be posted to purchase on 2/26.

Bundle comes with exact instructions on how to use.

Bundles will ship 3/1 and 3/2.

We are also taking new members on that date. If you buy one of these bundles, you’ll get your one time signup fee waived.

There won’t be a bundle this big for a few months, so you don’t want to miss out!

Bundle includes:

Full Size Illuminating AOX- If you want that ZO glow, this is a must have.  It offers antioxidant protection, brightens, and leaves the prettiest pearlescent primer like finish.

Full Size Enzymatic Peel gently exfoliates while you are sleeping. Smoothing and brightening. Helps to prevent hardened white heads. Great for elbows, back of arms and knees too!

Full Size Growth Factor Serum is your “non-tox."  Relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles, replenishes facial volume, and hydrating.  Helps with redness also! Feels amazing. Like dessert at the end of your regimen.

Travel Size Gentle Cleanser -great for all skin types.  Gel like consistency.  Feels amazing. Gentle enough to take off eye makeup. Powerful enough to remove makeup. Can bathe and shave legs with it, too! Just takes a dime size.  A little goes a very long way.  AM + PM

Travel Size Exfoliating Polish (AKA the gateway drug). Everyone’s fav. All skin types. You will use this 1x a day. Dime size. It’s rounded beads that don’t damage the skin. Instantly smooths and brightens. Gently dissolves oil and removes dulling, clogging skin cells.

Dual action scrub can take the place of exfoliating polish or be interchangeable. It sloughs away skin clogging skin cells, removes excess oil, reduces acne causing bacteria, replenishes hydration, reduces information, + has growth factors to reduce redness.

Complexion Renewal Pads (30 count) are used daily 2x a day. exfoliates dead, dulling skin cells, remove surface oil, prevent pore congestion, and restore hydration.  They are non drying and help to get your skin ready for your serums and correctives.

Travel Size Exfoliation Accelerator is one of my favs.  Instant glow. True 10% glycolic and lactic. Smooths, brightens, restores hydration, antioxidant protection, helps to prevent breakouts. It’s been sold out 3 times by ZO in the past 7 months.

Travel Size Brightalive-   If you have been outside and exposed to any of the elements or have hormones-you 9/10 have damaged pigment producing cells and one day you’ll have uneven skin tone if you don’t already. This product prevents future damage and lightens existing pigment. Also hydrating and brightening.  Truly everyone can benefit from this product. It’s one of our top sellers.

Daily power (30 ml) is the multivitamin vitamin for your skin. It is the powerhouse product. Restores and keeps barrier strong.  Offers antioxidant protection and keeps your skin strong enough to hold on to nutrients and strengthens it.

Travel Size Sunscreen + Primer is an SPF + makeup primer in 1. Triple protection against UVA/UVB, HEV, and IR-A rays. Universal tint. Non-greasy formula. ZO’s #1 selling sunscreen.

3 brightening sheet masques. Helps to reduce pigment, brightens, antioxidant protection and hydrates

Instructions on how to use each product will be included in every purchase.

New spa memberships (in spa Broussard and virtual anywhere in the US) will be accepted on 2/26. If you purchase a bundle, the one time membership signup fee will be waived.

Details will be posted 2/26

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Apr 24, 2023

HELP! I don’t see anywhere to add the bundle to cart! I saved my cc info today and everything!!


Teresa Shannon
Teresa Shannon
Mar 29, 2023

I purchased this bundle

And watched the zoom call that explained the regimen. I had previously purchased the RNR… but did not quite see how to add to the regimen discussed in the zoom… can I get that info?

Apr 24, 2023
Replying to

How did you make the purchase? I sound ridiculous but I can’t figure it out! I’m so frustrated!!


Is this the only bundle you will be offering on this day?

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