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The story behind your ZO Pads!

If you are cutting your pads 1/2, that’s your choice. I get it. It gets expensive. And a lot of our patients do it. After experiencing ZO for 6 months and over 99% of our in spa patients using it, along with a ton of virtuals, I definitely see a clear difference between those cutting 1/2 and those using them correctly. This is my perspective based on what I've seen and learned from ZO.

When skimping on pads, we really aren’t doing what the King of skin is saying to do. One full pad front and back until bone dry is the strength that Dr. Obagi designed. So by cutting that pad 1/2 or not using until bone dry means you are not following Getting Skin Ready 100%. Getting Skin Ready means just that—getting your skin ready! So your skin is not ready to receive the rest of your products 100% if you don’t do it exactly. Your serums and correctives will not absorb to max capacity. It may even cause product pilling. So in reality, you’re wasting a lot of product to save a pad. Especially once you start correctives. Pads should be used front and back until bone dry am + pm.

Also note that the goal of the pads is not to get residue dirt off. That’s your cleanser’s job. Those pads should be as white as they were when finished as when they came out of the jar. The goal of these pads are EXFOLIATION. Not cleansing. These pads are chemically removing the thick waxy layer of sebum that we all produce. The waxy layer needs to go because it’s interfering with our messengers between our dermis and epidermis. What happens when communication is a problem with anything in life?! Problems!

I always say, if you’re gonna do ZO, do it 100% or stop wasting your time and money. Results are BAD ASS when done correctly.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on pads. They are on sale with your member or loyal returning non-member code 💙

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