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Lip Blushing

A less-invasive alternative to lip fillers
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Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that uses semi-permanent inks to achieve a tinted, natural-looking lip color. It's valued as a less-invasive alternative to lip fillers. The lips are naturally fuller than what they appear due to the non-shaded parts of the borders of our lips.  Lip blushing creates a soft natural lining of the lips and the color feathers into the lips to fill the lips with color creating the look of full, healthy, naturally pigmented lips. This procedure is for lips that are lighter in color.  Hyper-pigmented lips or darker lips need to be neutralized in color before this procedure can be done. Dark lip correction is an advanced procedure, requires multiple sessions to achieve, and are quoted on a case by case basis.

Two sessions are required for lip blushing.  During the first session, we access your skin tone to determine the best natural looking shade for your skin tone.  We also access the symmetry and any discoloration of the lips and do our best to improve any imperfections to create a nice balanced, symmetrical, evenly shaded look for you.  The first layer of pigment is applied at the first session.  The second session is to be done between 30-60 days (not before and not after).  There will be significant fading after the first session.  The second session (the perfection session) fills in any fading and adjustments can be made if necessary.  If the second session is scheduled past the 60 day mark, a new initial session is required. 

Pigment typically lasts 1-3 years.  A full face photo and full lip photo must be submitted before scheduling your first appointment.  Photos need to be clear and taken by another person (not selfie style).  This allows us to determine if you are a good candidate for lip blushing.  We also require a consultation before scheduling. There is no charge for the consult.

Currently only available at our Florida location.

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Before Your Appointment

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After Your Appointment

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