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  • I live far from your location. Can I get good results without coming into the clinic for microneedling?
    Absolutely! We treat 100's of patients virtually with 100% success rate with compliance. We will walk you through your skin journey step-by-step, adjusting your protocol as your skin changes. ZO works exactly like microneedling by creating real skin health from within. Like microneedling, ZO retrains the cells to behave as they did when they were younger--literally changing everything about your skin. Of course, adding microneedling to the mix will enhance results. But with 100% confidence, we'll blow your mind with the results that can be achieved with customized skin care only.
  • Do you inject anything into the skin to microneedle?
    We do not.
  • I'd like a one-on-one consult without joining the membership. How do I do that?
    Call our clinic to set up a consult. The charge is $250 for a 20 minute Zoom consult with Dawn without membership. Consults are complimentary with membership.
  • I'm out of the country. Can you treat my skin?
    Yes. We consult out of the country often. However, we cannot ship to you. You would have to be able to have access to ZO Skin Health in your country. We charge $250 for the first consult and $125 for following consults as we walk you through your skin journey. Typically there would be a monthly consult for the first 3 months, another at month 5 and 7 and then every 2-3 months after that for maintenance--or as you desire.
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