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​​​BBG Micro Rejuvenation

Our most popular procedure is a combination microneedling and micro pigmentation techniques in the epidermal layer that trigger collagen and elastin production.  Improves the look of fine line and wrinkles, acne, scars, discoloration, uneven skin tone and texture, stretch marks.  Enhance your treatment by adding HydraFacial, Dermaplaning, Chemical Exfoliation, Scar Camouflaging, and/ or Human Growth Factor Fusion. Minimal downtime.  Makeup can be worn on day 2.  Opting for post treatment mask and human growth factor fusion cut healing time significantly.  Your practitioner will advise which, if any, enhancements are best for your results.



​Pictured below are some examples of our work. Optimal results achieved after a series is completed.  Most photos shown are after one treatment.   See google and our social sites for 100's more.


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Does Micro Skin Rejuvenation hurt?

No.  We have our numbing perfected.  Most of our clients say that it feels like a massage and is relaxing.  The procedure treats the epidermal layer and only requires over the counter numbing strength.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes.  You can expect for the entire appointment to take about an hour from start to finish with numbing and prepping.

What is the downtime?

There's really no real downtime.  Makeup can be worn 24 hours. You can expect redness for the first few days, if that.  Day 4-5, your skin is typically dry and may have some like flaking or peeling (very minimal if any).  DO NOT EXFOLIATE until after 7 days. In most cases, by day 6-7 the skin is back to normal with a glowing, bright appearance. Depending on if any enhancements are added to your treatment, sometimes there is little no no redness right away.  Also, the more that you do the treatments, usually the less the redness. You can return to work or your normal daily activities immediately afterward, with the exception of working out, excessive heat, direct sun exposure, and chlorine. 

How long before I should see results and does skincare affect these results?

Most clients see some degree of results rather quickly.  Most clients notice tone and texture changes right away. Typically, it takes one month for the collagen to produce and continues for up to 4 months afterwards.  This is why around treatment 3-4, results are usually very apparent.  However, most of our clients see results much more rapidly.  Clients who use our recommended skin care faithfully and/or add growth factor to their treatment typically get better, faster results.  Diet and lifestyle also have an effect on your results.  Regardless of all of these things, we have not have one single client not have some degree of changes in their skin whether they are on good skincare etc. or not.  We just have seen a significant difference between those who do and do not.  It's the same concept of going to the gym and stopping at McDonald's on the way home.  If you want the best results, you should definitely invest in taking care of your skin at home both through diet and skincare.

I have a dermal roller at home?  Is this the same?

NO.  We do not recommend dermal rollers for 2 reasons.  1. Rolling will tear skin as the needle lifts.  This will have a long term damaging effect on the skin. 2. It is impossible to sanitize needles enough to reuse..PERIOD.

Should I add dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation, camouflaging, human growth factor, or  HydraFacial to my treatment?

Dermaplaning will exfoliate the skin before treatment allowing deeper penetration.  Chemical exfoliation will cause the skin to exfoliate a little more during the next 7 days post treatment. Camouflaging is a PMU technique highly effective for scarring.  Human growth factor delivers stem cell therapy tricking the skin into thinking it's in its 20's increasing collagen production and reducing downtime.  HydaFacial will both exfoliate and clean the pores at the deepest level possible creating a super clean canvas to work on.  HydraFacial will also infuse nutrients, antioxidants, and skin calming ingredients into the skin.  Your practictioner can help you decide if any of these will be beneficial for you.

How many treatments will I need, and how often should I receive treatment?

It is our belief that it takes a series of treatments to create a true change in the skin.  We recommend a series of 6-8 treatments (8 usually for deeper scarring) 4-6 weeks apart.  Treatments can be as close as 2 weeks apart if desired.  Even though the results are permanent, you are continuously aging and continuously getting atmospheric damage.  Therefore, to keep results, maintenance is required.  We recommend maintaining treatments on a minimum of every 3 months.  We do believe that in order to maintain optimal results, clinical exfoliation should occur every 28 days.  Between micro skin rejuvenation sessions, maintenance, we recommend receiving HydraFacial with dermaplaning and/or chemical exfoliation.  Scarring correction is permanent unless another scar is created. 

What are the risks of micro skin rejuvenation treatments?

None.  Unlike laser treatments, no heat is produced.  There is no risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation or scar tissue due to heat.

Should I start micro skin rejuvenation at a younger age?  Am I too old for micro skin rejuvenation?

You should absolutely start microneedling at a younger age. Our growth factor production plummets in our late 20's.  Microneedling or microchanneling will help prevent aging by aiding in the production of collagen and elastin.  No, you are not too old.  We've seen results with a wide range of ages.  Actually, we've never experienced no results with any clients that we've worked on.  We've treated clients as young as 3 years old (scar treatment) up to the age of 78...results every single time. 

What is HGF, and where does it come from?

HGF is Human Growth Factor Stem Cells that originated from a controlled group of healthy athletes in their early 20's at PENN State who donated bone marrow.  The cytokines were separated into colonies that aid in collagen production and have been reproduced in a factory for years.  HGF Fusion works by delivering stem cells into opened microchannels and aiding in collagen production. 


What does micro skin rejuvenation help?

It improves the look of fine lines and wrinkles, scarring, discoloration, stretch marks, rosacea, acne, puffy under eyes, and sagging skin.

How long before I con start back with normal skin care after micro skin rejuvenation?

You can return to normal skincare 2-3 days after treatment.  No exfoliation for 7 days post treatment.  During the first 2 days, use a gentle cleanser and spf.  Epidermal Repair by Skinceuticals is recommended 2 times per day for 7 days after treatment to help with healthy barrier function repair and moisture. 

What can I do to minimize downtime?

You will experience redness during the first 2 days.  The post treatment mask is highly recommended for the first two days after treatment.  This will alleviate the heat sensation in the skin immediately and aid in quicker healing and less redness.  HGF Fusion helps tremendously in decreasing downtime.  HydraFacial also aids in faster healing.

Are their any medications I should avoid?

Avoid all blood thinning medication such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and St. John's wort at least 7 days before treatment.  No prescription blood thinning medication or Accutane within 6 months of treatment.  Avoid any anti-inflammatory medications, as we want inflammation to happen in the skin to trigger healing and collagen production.  No retinols or drying topical medication (including those with acids) within 7 days of  treatment.

What do these treatments cost? 

The first time guest special price is $175.  This price continues for future treatments with membership.  (no contract ever with our membership).  Membership is NOT required for treatments; however, no future discounts will be applied to treatments. 


How do I set up an appointment?

Call 337-315-1828 (LA) or 850-517-8166 (FL) to schedule and appointment.  It is most likely that you will be put on a waiting list, and we will contact you when an appointment time becomes available to meet your request.  Our books are pretty much full until 2021; however, we have never not gotten someone in who requested an appointment within a month to six weeks.

Be sure to read pre and post instructions  before your appointment thoroughly and ask any questions and address concerns before the treatment starts.

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